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WET in the City K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide

The WET in the City Curriculum and Activity Guide is a multi-disciplinary, hands-on urban water education curriculum that engages K-12 students in explorations of the science of water and complex issues surrounding its management and stewardship.

The entire WET in the City program is designed to be distributed at the city-level by those directly involved with educating teachers of urban youth, an audience typically underserved by environmental education. In 2002 and 2007 the Guide was expanded to include new urban-focused activities developed by the Council for Environmental Education specifically to meet the water education needs of urban educators. The new activities explore topics that are especially relevant to urban audiences including environmental justice, lead in drinking water, urban flooding, brownfields, and urban fishing. New activities educate about important urban water issues while fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among urban youth. With the connection between people and water resources as a major theme of the Guide, WET in the City challenges students to become responsible water stewards in their neighborhoods and communities.

A variety of formats are incorporated into the Guide's 70 activities, including large and small group learning, whole-body activities, inquiry-based learning, laboratory investigations, student competitions, discussion of local and global topics, and involvement in community service projects. The activities are organized according to a conceptual framework and thoroughly cross-referenced by grade level, topic, subject area, and skills taught (see Cross Reference & Planning Resources). Based on this organization, educators will find that activities can be easily integrated into units of study that may cut across many disciplines. Furthermore, these activities can be integrated or adapted successfully within both formal and non-formal educational curricula, settings, time frames, and/or audiences. Reproducible student pages are provided to reinforce concepts taught in the activities.

Available to educators only through participation in a 6-hour WET in the City training workshop. Contact Us about bringing WET in the City to your city.

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WET in the City Spanish Language
Student Supplement

The WET in the City Spanish Language Student Pages supplement to the WET in the City Curriculum and Activity Guide is now available to assist educators in sheltered-English, bilingual or immersion classrooms in meeting knowledge acquisition needs and developing problem-solving skills of their Spanish-speaking students.

The new supplement includes Spanish translations of all student activity pages contained in the WET in the City Guide as well a translated glossary of Guide vocabulary. The student activity pages are key to student involvement in many WET in the City activities. They include the data tables, data recording charts, reading selections, maps, activity cards, etc. needed to participate fully in the lessons. Each of the 144 student pages may be reproduced without permission for educational use in conjunction with WET in the City activities. For instructors' ease of use, the student pages in the new publication are organized in the same order (following the Conceptual Framework) as the corresponding activities in the Guide. The activity pages are also listed alphabetically by the corresponding English language activity title.

With this translation, CEE seeks to increase the participation of students who struggle with English language barriers in the classroom. By providing copies of Spanish translated materials to these students, CEE hopes to help educators involve more students in urban environmental education.

WET in the City Spanish Language Student Pages was made possible through support from the Brown Foundation, Inc.

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Water Watchers: Conserving Water and Your School and Home

Water Watchers: Conserving Water at Your School and Home, a school water audit and conservation handbook, will help educators mentor a student-driven audit of water use-and waste-at school and in their homes. Lessons in the guide are arranged to lead students from awareness of basic water conservation issues to responsible action and stewardship of their water environment. Educators will first introduce students to the water cycle, issues of water use, pollution, and potential water conservation measures. Students then have the opportunity to conduct a hands-on investigation of their school water system, monitor water use over time and brainstorm ideas for ways water can be conserved. Using the results of a cost benefit analysis, students take action by preparing and presenting a water conservation proposal for their school and tracking the results. The goal-student leaders in water conservation.

Water Watchers represents a collaboration between CEE and E2:Environment & Education which resulted in the adaptation of Water Conservation Teacher Resource Guide for special use in Team WET Schools. Production of the handbook was made possible by the City of Houston and Harris County Storm Water Management Joint Task Force.


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Fishable Waters

"Fishable Waters" is an engaging activity that challenges participants to evaluate the importance of aquatic species populations in their own urban community through a simulation card game and analytical discussion. While "Fishable Waters" is now included in CEE's WET in the City Curriculum and Activity Guide and Project WILD Aquatic Curriculum and Activity Guide, it is also available in special booklet form. These booklets are economical and may be especially convenient for use in educator workshops, fishing clinics and other programs as part of the curriculum or as take-away resources for participants.



WET in the City Urban Water Test Kit

The WET in the City Urban Water Test Kit provides a hands-on introduction to the basic concepts of water chemistry and environmental awareness in urban areas. The kit contains all necessary equipment to test for chlorine, coliform bacteria, copper, iron, hardness, nitrate, pH, phosphate, and temperature using non-hazardous Testable methods. A handbook is also included.

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